Clinical Trial Services

Direct Exposure to
Rare Disease Community

Finding out about clinical trial opportunities shouldn’t be left to chance. Through digital advertisement via our multi-channel approach, we will selectively connect you with patients who are interested in learning about your ongoing clinical trials.

Education and Raising Awareness

Understanding the clinical trial process is the first step toward participation. Our multi-channel, multi-content approach will allow you to directly engage with our patient communities.
Through optimized content, you will be able to educate and raise awareness about your clinical trials, which will improve clinical trial participation and help patients stay in the trial until its completion.

Patient Recruitment

87% of the patients surveyed state that they are willing to participate in a clinical trial but fewer than 5% do. Participation is less than 1% for patients living with a rare disease.
We can help you accelerate your recruitment by tapping into our rare disease community of engaged patients who express an interest in clinical trial participation.

Patient-powered Social Media Campaign Development

Research shows that messaging developed by patients for patients is more engaging and empathetic and yields a better engagement. By leveraging our community disease-specific expertise, we can help you design more effective and cost-efficient recruitment campaigns.

Patient Journey – Coming Soon

Let us help you map the patient journey: what it means to live with a disease, the challenges patients face in their everyday life, and how these challenges can interfere with participating in a clinical trial. Having clear insight into the patient journey will help you imagine and design clinical trials in which patients will be able to participate, while giving them the experience they deserve.

Protocol Design – Coming Soon

Protocols co-designed with patients incorporate elements often overlooked by those who don’t live with a particular disease. As a result, they yield increased participation, a lower dropout rate, and fewer protocol amendments; in other words, it saves you money and time.

Engage with our community through patient insights, focus groups, and surveys to design clinical trials to which patients will actually commit, with an improved schedule of assessments and outcomes meaningful to you and to those who participate.

Community Access – Coming Soon

Patients who participate in clinical trials are making drug discovery possible. We owe it to them to provide a remarkable experience from the clinical trial’s beginning to end, and ultimately to improved access to life-changing drugs. This is possible by partnering with patients to co-design every step of the clinical trial experience.

We can facilitate your interactions with the patient community via “patient community insights,” “focus groups,” and “advisory boards.”

We have made partnering with the patient community very easy for you.

Our Patient

The unique user data on many of our rare disease sites indicate that we reach more than 90% of rare disease patient populations.

96% of readers indicate that they trust the accuracy, independence, and authority of our rare disease content.

Our user communities are highly engaged, with a majority visiting the site 3-5 times per week.