We help patients living with rare diseases connect with ongoing clinical trial opportunities, faster!

We Live Rare

More than 70% of the BioNews team consists of patients, many of whom are currently participating in — or have participated in — a clinical trial. This unique perspective brings deep insight into the process and challenges that both trial sponsors and patients experience during trial development and studies.


BioNews is on a mission to connect all people touched by rare diseases to clinical trials through eminent, actionable education and engagement.

We brought together more than 2 million people living with diseases, most of which don’t yet have a cure.

The clinical trial services we offer is our own way to move research forward, faster!

What Makes Us Rare

Through the stories we tell, we encourage and celebrate the joy, the hardship, and the extraordinary gift of being human. In doing so, we have built highly engaged, interactive rare disease communities.

Because we regard our patient communities as the experts who lead and guide our work, we have gained their confidence and trust.

Because we ARE our patient community, more than half of our company is made up of people living with rare diseases or people who care for them.

Because we have built an inclusive culture of respect, collaboration, and empathy that brings together the entire patient circle to include scientists, writers, and clinical trial experts, we can provide real-time, relevant, and actionable information that will help you design and conduct human-centered clinical trials.

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